Hi, I´m Mandy

I’m a health nut, entrepreneur, financial planner, and business consultant who loves to meet and collaborate with like-minded change-makers. I believe in faith, hard work, honesty, and always striving to “do good.”

Financial health is as important as physical and mental health, which is why I dedicate my time to helping my clients understand how they can better manage their wealth, with the long-term vision of creating lives they love. If you have questions, please reach out. I look forward to meeting you. 

About Me…

For the first ten years of my career, I traveled the world teaching clients how to make food their medicine as an RHN, chef, and ACE-certified personal trainer. I understood at an early age, due to needing to take my health into my own hands, that one’s physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing are pertinent to living and creating a great life.

As I grew older and began developing my own businesses to reach more people, I discovered a love for personal finance and business. Shortly thereafter, I earned my degree in Business and Accounting, and became a licensed agent in South Dakota and Colorado. In 2021, I moved back to the Black Hills of South Dakota to share the teachings I had learned in Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, Colorado, Arizona, and Kenya with my friends, family, and prospective new clients.

As a business-savvy healer, I take a unique approach when helping my clients recognize the tools around them and take action to cultivate lives, they love. I believe that with the proper education, anyone can create the best foundation for them to build off, enabling them and their families to live, see, and do more.

I’m a female entrepreneur who loves to teach others – especially women, underprivileged groups, special needs folk, and ranchers/farmers – how to stop drowning under debt, put the proper tools in place to create a guaranteed retirement and options for long-term care, and learn the fundamentals to create better, more sustainable businesses.

The services I offer are best conveyed in a personal meeting. I believe my clients want to know their financial planner, which is why I keep it down-to-Earth and straightforward. I’m direct and compassionate, but will never stop pushing you to reach your fullest potential. From debt elimination and estate planning to conversations regarding business and even long-term care, my role is to connect you to the people you may benefit from working with as we navigate your financial journey.

Please peruse this site for free articles and insight on business and finance. When you’re ready to talk about your personal financial health or business venture, contact me.


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