"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Financial Planning Services

Unsure how to navigate the road forward? Our team of licensed advisors will work with you to find inefficiencies in your current spending habits to free up cash flow. From there, we will educate you on investment strategies to reach your short and long-term goals.

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Debt Elimination

Debt is heavy. There is no way around that. The first thing we help our clients do is to eliminate debt by airing out inefficiencies. 

From there, we’ll help you create the best plan to meet your personal needs and goals while eliminating debt, typically in under 9 years or less.

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Estate Planning

We teach our clients how to protect their assets, put a plan in place in the event of incapacitation, pay less in taxes, and pass down large expenditures without paying capital gains.

BH Financial Planning also specializes in the creation of Special Needs trusts, to ensure families are supported and will have their needs met in the years to come.

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Retirement Planning

Are you 100% sure you’re going to have a great retirement, or do you have any doubts? 

Rather than wait 20 years to begin planning for your financial future, start today and secure a guaranteed retirement income.

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Long-Term Care

90% of us will require some form of long-term care. Don’t wait until you or a loved one needs to dip into retirement savings to pay for medical expenses. With the average nursing home costing $90,000+, it’s time to learn the best strategies to protect and grow your money to cover all associated costs. 

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Business Consulting

Whether you’re developing a Start-Up or you’re looking to increase your company’s cash flow and reputation in your local area, Black Hills Financial Planning can help. 

From Buy-Sell agreements to a full auditing process of financials, processes, and employer-vendor relations, you’re in good hands.

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Mobile Notary Services

Important documents, like wills, trusts, and mortgage agreements require a notary. In the Black Hills of South Dakota, you can rely on Black Hills Financial Planning agents to travel to you between Monday and Friday.

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