Estate Planning

In the event of incapacitation, do you have the necessary documents in place to relieve your loved ones of the liability of managing your day-to-day affairs? Have you also taken the steps to help your family avoid the probate process? 

We help families succeed with:

Protecting Assets

Education-driven, we teach our clients how to store assets in a litigation-proof environment, both for personal and business reasons. 

Avoiding Capital Gains

Why pay more taxes when you don’t need to? We educate our clients on how they can avoid paying Capital Gains when selling or transferring big assets. 

Legally Avoiding Probate

Probate reduces the value of an estate by 8-12% and reduces the control a family has over their loved one’s wishes. We help families avoid probate entirely.  

Preparing for Incapacitation

In the event of incapacitation, do you have the necessary documents in place to relieve your loved ones of the liability of managing your day-to-day affairs? We produce the documents to help your family navigate troubling times. 

Maintaining Privacy

A will is 100% public! Anyone can visit the County Clerk and pay $15 to see your will and contest it in court. A Revocable Living Trust, on the other hand, is 100% private. 

Taking Back 100% Control

If you don’t prepare your estate, the court will decide how your assets are distributed and legal fees could reduce what you intend to leave to loved ones and family member. 

As a partner firm with Foundational Wealth Partners, we have four lawyers on staff who specialize in producing Estate Planning Documents.

There is a BIG difference between a Will and a Revocable Living Trust.


A will is 100% guaranteed going to result in your family going through the probate process. A will is 100% public, which means someone can go down to the County Court House, pay $15, and contest your will in court

When an estate goes through the probate process, its value is reduced by 8-12%, on average

You must go through the probate process in every state you own land; this process typically requires 6-18 months

There is a way to avoid probate, protect your family members, and put a plan in place in the event of incapacitation. And it’s achieved by setting up a Revocable Living Trust!

Black Hills Financial Planning specializes in estate plans and the creation of Revocable Living Trusts

The Estate Plans we produce contain 12 documents, including a will

We charge a one-time fee, which means you’ll have help in maintaining your trust and updating your POA and POM in 10, 15, 20+ years from now

A Revocable Living Trust is 100% private! If someone wanted to contest your estate (let’s say, a disgruntled family member), they would need to litigate against every single person listed in the trust

Retitling your assets into a Revocable Living Trust helps you avoid losing valuable assets in the event of litigation. How? Because you don’t technically own anything on paper. But, you maintain 100% control of the Revocable Living Trust and the assets

When you store assets in a Revocable Living Trust, you can legally avoid Capital Gains from the transfer or sale of large assets!

In the event of incapacitation, your loved ones will be relieved of the liability of knowing how to manage your day-to-day affairs and furthermore will have access to the financial institutions to be able to manage your day-to-day affairs as you outline

…and more!

Do you now understand why Estate Planning is so important?


A will provides ZERO control. A Revocable Living Trust provides 100% control.

You can allow the state to probate your estate, or you can take back control and dictate how to protect your assets, prepare your family, and avoid losing even more money to the court process and involved lawyers.


Are you ready to take the next steps? Contact us today to discuss your Estate Planning needs.