When it’s a bull market and your funds are invested with Edward Jones or Merrill Lynch, the finance giants will reward you with smiles and satisfaction. But if the economy hits a low and you even hint at moving your funds, that charm disappears faster than toilet paper during a pandemic. Almost overnight, countless obstacles are presented to challenge you from accessing your money.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

As a financial planner and investment advisor, I’ve worked with dozens of clients who decided to diversify by rolling over their risky 401(k) and IRA plans into precious metals or, equally as popular, fixed income guaranteed annuities.

As you know, I recommend the annuity vehicles because they have volatility control which means the funds you invest never participate in a down market. In addition, these plans offer massive bonuses (25-35% day one) to transfer your funds and boast a 250% point-to-point bonus every one or two years.

Once you dig into what these and similar plans offer and the conservative projections, keeping your money in a standard TD Ameritrade IRA makes little to no sense. If you’re on the fence, let me show you in a zero-cost, zero-obligation consultation.

Anyways… since the start of 2022, the process of rolling over funds from these big firms has substantially increased in difficulty. What once took 2-4 weeks is stretching up to 4-5 months. I’ve been on countless hour-long calls with clients as we bounce around from department to department trying to speak with a human who can provide real solutions, not a script and another transfer.

Every time, the client is shocked by how quickly the process turns impersonal. Once-friendly relationships disappear and the process slows to the speed of molasses. The sub-par treatment demonstrates an unfortunate truth which is, most of the “advisors” employed by these mammoth firms only see dollar signs above their prospects’ heads. Once the advisor perceives a lack of incentive for effort, they drop the client like they’re hot.

Now, there are plenty of advisors who work for these big investment agencies who are doing a standout job. But I haven’t come across many who work exclusively with Vanguard or Wells Fargo, for example.

Rather, the agents that I meet who are committed to supporting and building life-long relationships with clients are independent. As is the case with our firm, the agents can shop all products and strategies without needing to only recommend Edward Jones products, for instance.

As independent agents and fiduciaries, we work for YOU.

If you want to use your hard-earned money to invest in precious metals, convert to cash, buy a plane, or roll it over into a different retirement account, that’s your decision! I might encourage one strategy over another, but at the end of the day, how you spend or invest your money will always be your choice.

Hear me loud and clear when I say:

  • You deserve to be treated with respect. You deserve to have a one-on-one relationship with a financial advisor who you can call at a moment’s notice to discuss your next big move.
  • You deserve to be heard and not be shut out if you decide to go with a different investment option.

  • You deserve to be empowered in your personal finance and business decisions, guided along the path to put your best foot forward for financial freedom, tax minimization, and asset protection.
  • You deserve to be educated in your financial decisions because you are smart and at the end of the day, know what is best for you, your family, and potentially, your business.
  • You deserve to be taught the principles of foundational planning so you can transform your financial wellbeing and create a legacy!

If you agree, well then great! You’re in the right place.

As you’ll quickly learn, my team and I put in the work to guide you toward your goals. And 100%, you can bet we’ll be on those long and difficult phone calls with you.

When you decide to work with Black Hills Financial Planning, you’ll be paired with a trusted and knowledgeable advisor who relies on their team (with 70 years of experience) for insight to guarantee you are exposed to the best strategies and information available.

Furthermore, when you have a question or want to move your funds, you won’t experience “ghosting”, headaches, or the cold shoulder. You’ll receive attention, quick communication, and the respect you deserve.

If you’re ready to build a trusting relationship with a small, locally-owned team rather than a corporate firm, then call Black Hills Financial Planning today. We’re here to service your personal, business, and investment needs.


Mandy Froelich
Black Hills Financial Planning
CEO & Licensed Investment Advisor