Have you ever wondered, “What sets Black Hills Financial Planning apart from other advisory firms?” Great question!

As an education-driven firm, our agents teach clients how to build a strong financial foundation by focusing on the four vital pillars of foundational planning:

  1. Debt Elimination – When you spend ¾ of what you earn every month paying down compounding interest and taxes, it is hard to get ahead. Yet, this is the reality for most Americans. We teach the #1 strategy in the U.S. to eliminate all debt (including business debt, student loans, mortgages, and credit card debt) in under 9 years or less without spending any more than you do today. The platform we teach is not a consolidation program, it is a strategy that incorporates the use of a tax shelter to leverage, protect, and grow your money without risk, putting yourself in an ideal situation to pay off your debts sooner than you imagined to re-invest in your family’s future.
  2. Estate Planning – This pillar is all about taking back control and flexibility over your affairs in the event of incapacitation or death. The attorney-designed estate plans include 12 different documents ranging from powers of attorney (health and financial) to a revocable living trust to health directives in the event of incapacitation.The benefits of creating a trust include privacy (wills are 100% public), the preservation of legacy (probate costs upwards of 18% in many U.S. states), and the ability to put your family in a favorable tax position when inheriting large assets (not subject to capital gains tax).   
  3. Guaranteed Retirement Planning – We teach our clients how to plan for and achieve their retirement goals. “Mailbox money” (the amount of money guaranteed to arrive in your mailbox (or bank account) each month during retirement is relevant to people of all ages. For this reason, we help our clients explore a variety of investment options that perform far better than a standard 401(k) and provide secure guarantees. You might be surprised to learn that there are platforms out there offering 30-40% front-end bonuses and absolutely no exposure to loss. The more you know, right?
  4. Long-term Care Planning – At some point in our lives, 90% of us will need some form of skilled assisted nursing care. The earlier we incorporate this reality into our planning, the better – and less costly – preparing for this expense will be. Life can change quickly, and medical debt can put you years behind your goals. Therefore, we emphasize this pillar when helping young and elderly clients plan for their financial futures.

Our team’s goal is for you to feel confident in the financial strategies you employ and guide you along the way. When you are ready to move forward and schedule your zero-cost and zero-obligation consultation, contact us here.